Calculator Pro+ for iPad

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₪ > The application Calculator Pro+ will turn your iPad into the most advanced, most convenient and the best professional calculator, from all that you've ever seen!

● > Full list of computational operations!
● > Six variants of stylish copyright designs that you will like!
● > Large ergonomic interface, which greatly increases the chances to press the right button!

□□□ To use your iPad as a calculator - it's a sign of elegance and good taste. Using this calculator you will not only look glamorous, but also you will be able to count effectively!

► Calculator Pro+ - will help you to solve any arithmetic difficulties!

*** The 24 additional function of the scientific calculator simplify the process of solving the complex algebraic, geometric, statistical, economic formulas and problems.

*** This calculator will help you in the process of learning, in the professional, research or scientific activities and will feel more relieved.
▪ Includes the standard set of simple functions.
▪ Offers the possibility of making simple and scientific operations.
▪ Raising in square and cube.
▪ Raising to any power.
▪ Possibility of making any operations with the roots.
▪ Trigonometric functions
▪ Inverse trigonometric functions.
▪ Brackets.
▪ Mathematical constant π
▪ Factorial!
▪ Logarithm.
▪ Radians, degrees.
▪ Multiplicative inverse
▪ Backspace
₪ >> Calculator Pro+ - a combination of comfort, functionality and unusual design. Color, location and size of the buttons suit to the iPad interface and look nice.

► You can use iPad calculator both at home and on the road. Do you need to check if you were given the right change, to calculate the percentage of the tips you should give to the waitress, to convert one currency to another? Don't be shy and use your iPad as a handheld calculator!

>>> You will be able to calculate everything without problems!

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