Cycle Alarm Clock by Pink Zebra

Cycle Alarm Clock is the most modern and sensitive cycle alarm clock in the App Store.
You are worried by the quality of your sleep? A common alarm clock can hardly wake you, and you feel tired and exhausted each time after sleep?
Make use of this ultramodern technology of the most effective alarm clock! Sleep Bailee will not only help you wake up in time you will also feel fresh, realizing that the sleep did you good!

Cycle alarm clock is based on the study of interconnection between the reflex movements made while asleep with peculiarities of the brain concentration.
Cycle Alarm Clock determines the cycles of deep and relaxed sleep, based on which a neuropsychological diagram is made. Cycle Alarm Clock will help you wake up when your body is ready to awakening in the optimal way.
And this moment will be rather close to the time you set in the alarm clock!
Advantages of Sleep Bailee program:
Cycle alarm clock determining the most optimal time for your awakening
Statistical data on the analysis of your sleep
Intuitive and pleasant interface.
Levels of the increased alarm clock sensitivity
Low level of errors in determining the sleep cycles.

Before marketing the program, we had tested Cycle Alarm Clock by means of the analogous specialized devices applied for medical and therapeutic purposes.
We managed to achieve high functionality of Cycle Alarm Clock, and therefore we are ready to give you the opportunity to possess the smartest alarm clock!

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