Funny Mirror by Pink Zebra

■ >> The application Funny Mirror by Pink Zebra offers you the possibility of having fun with the friends.

■ >> Using your favourite distorted mirrors, you will improve your mood.

₪₪₪ The distortion effect may be applied to everything that you can see through the objective of the camera. Using this application your friends will not be able to recognise you.

>> It will be funny to see how one of your friends becomes a mutant with big head and with narrowed forehead or an alien with big eyes.

► The Funny Mirror by Pink Zebra is a great way to reduce the stress because it makes you laugh. There is nothing better that will make you laugh about oneself or about the people that you love.

You decide your look in the mirror.

► With the characteristic irony, the application Funny Mirror by Pink Zebra introduce the photo of the "victim" in an elegant frame.
The secret of the popularity of this entertainment still remains undisclosed. The application offers many positive emotions and is really funny.

► It is hard to stop using this!

■ The applications contains a huge collection of distortion effects:

* alien
* beaver face
* boxer
* twirl
* ugly guy
* simple mirror

The "Victims" of the distortion may be humans, animals, plants or any objects around.

>>>The opportunity of seeing the world through distorting mirrors will make your children enjoy it.

The Funny Mirror by Pink Zebra is a universial entertainment. It is a wonderful opportunity to have fun with family during the weekend.

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