Ghost Booth by Pink Zebra

✸✸ Do you need an ideal amusement?? ✸✸
✸It is not so difficult to create it, especially if you have in your hands a new ideal implement capable to impart a unique breath-taking character to any picture. ✸✸
✸✸ Now any of you can play your friends up smartly! Ghost Booth will help you scare and horrify your friends and they will not even imagine that your know the cause of mystic creatures appearing in your pictures ✸✸✸✸✸✸✸
Only mystic and unknown things! Play your friends up and watch their reaction at the moment when they discover the contours of mystic creatures in your pictures.
How can you make the best joke???
Offer your friends (it does not matter how many they are) to take a picture. While they pose, activate invisibly Ghost Booth and you will get a camera with a fine view. While your friends wait for a flashlight, choose from the mystic gallery a suitable image which will appear in the picture together with your friends. Put the mystic image at the right place and shoot the photo.
Your friends will appreciate for sure the exceptional details of these pictures!!! And you will enjoy their reaction! Perhaps, you have never seen such a reaction from them!!!!
✓✓✓ Beastiarium
The application includes the extensional beast gallery:
✸ single ghosts
✸ groups of ghosts (children ghosts)
✸ aliens
✸ monsters & beasts
With Ghost Booth you will learn how to create the most realistic mystic pictures. The Ghost Booth application includes also a high quality camera capable to render the author’s composition.
✓ The application is very easy to use
- You will like an attractive thematic design of the application
- Any beast image can be moved, sized up, made less or more transparent
- The mystic gallery includes only most realistic and qualitative beast images
- It is very easy to use the application secretly and fast and your friends will not even suspect the forgery.

✓Ghost Booth is a new word in the art of creation of mystic matters!

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