Night Vision James Bond 007

■ >> Do you want to see the world through the eyes of a cat or a bat hunting in the dark?

►* Take a look into the viewfinder Night Vision! *◄

>>> This application shall help you to feel like if you see in darkness.

***Imagine that it's night all around and you are creeping to the enemy camp with your night vision device on to explore and make photos of the secret object. Night Vision shall you're your fantasy more interesting and real. ***

▪ > You have at your disposal 5 different types of optical devices ensuring the night vision effect.

▪ > Infrared, ultra yellow, khaki, black and ultra blue lighting.

▪ > All devices are equipped with multiple high-quality Zoom.

▪ > Professional markup of the sniper scope!

▪ > Super sensitive camera for taking pictures in the night vision regime.

▪ > The application is multifunctional and work at any time of day and night!

■ >> You can always use it for playing in "fray" game with your friend or make fun of your colleagues showing them pictures where they appear in a night regime. Even the most ordinary pictures processed with a Night Vision can look criminal and compromising simply because "Good thing do not happen at night".

Your colleagues shall be shocked and scared!

►Using the Night Vision you can photo a lot of interesting moments!

Despite of the time there will be always night on your pictures!


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