OldFashioned Phone by Pink Zebra

✔ Now any user of the ultra-modern iPhone has the possibility to feel nostalgia, using the layout of rotary dial phone of pre-mobile era of telephony.

✔ Old Fashioned Phone — is the application which provides you with the possibility of reproducing the good old rotary dial for introduction of phone number on iPhone's screen.

And it is scarcely a toy!!!

✔You will be able to use rotary dial at any time, using application similar to the main call function of iPhone and one contact book. Old Fashioned Phone offers the opportunity of reproduction of old rotary dial phone’s graphic copy on the phone's screen. The application is easy to use. Due to peculiarities of sensibility of iPhone's touch screen you can enter a phone number the way people did it in good old times, when phones didn't have buttons!

✔✔✔✔✔Attention! You will indeed to make circular motions, the way one does with rotary dial phones!

✔✔✔✔With Old Fashioned Phone you will understand that it's never been easier to enter phone numbers making circular motions with rotary dial on iPhone's screen.

► Advantages of Old Fashioned Phone application:

* easy-to-use

* high communication quality

* eased way of dialing

* provision of number

* favorites function for the most frequently used numbers and types of phones

► You will have a wide choice of rotary dials, many of which are with themed design:

* chrome

* billiard

* retro

* wooden


* Porsche/ automobile.

✔ Use retro layout to dial phone numbers at any time, since the Old Fashioned Phone application will offer you the possibility to enjoy classic equipment and modern high-quality communication!

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