Over 40 Magnifier

>>> Magnifier is an application that shall transform the smallest and dark items in those larger one and bright in front of your very eyes!

>>> Don’t miss the possibility to use your device as a stylish pocket magnifier with the build-in LED illumination.

It can help your vision to cope with even the smallest inscriptions in any even places difficult to access and shall assure comfortable conditions for reading in dark places.

►• Smallest cribs, maps, drug inscriptions, gold hallmark, year on an ancient coin – all these you can easily see and examine on the screen of your iDevice.

►• The presented technology supports the most updated zooming algorithms that can afford up to 16 - times zooming while preserving excellent quality and sharpness of the image.

□□□ You can use the illumination function as an independent LED flashlight to fight against the darkness. Due to its amazing brightness and high search ability you can easily orientate and find the required object in low lighting conditions. □□□

■ »» Magnifier is one of the most practical application that can considerably help you in different life situations.

You can use it just when you need to:
> Zoom in and light all you can hardly see
> Read the text if you forgot your glasses
> Examine the defects on an antique item
> Read a book under the blanket
> Solder the wires in darkness
> Take you things without turning on the light or awaking anyone and leave without being noticed
> Scare with the bright light mosquitoes, bats and other creatures attacking you.

■ »» Hurry and take this amazing invention to make your life more comfortable!

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