PDF Reader+ by Pink Zebra

» Most popular Office file formats are now available in your device!

■ » In daily life, reading the PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT files in a mobile phone has become an integrated part for the application’s owners.

»» Given the intense pace and style of modern life, the possibility not to depend on the computer becomes one very important.

••• PDF reader application can be useful in various situations. Finding yourself in traffic, you can read newspapers, examine some tables or read a book at coffee break in a café.

PDF Reader is a temptation for students - best possibility to copy in exams easy and practical. Because the ability to quickly open documents and to increase the font size, day by day, the application becomes more popular.

►• PDF Reader has firmly affirmed the ability to save time and to modernize the way of life.

□ The application is an advanced player for your Office files, with a well organized library and a convenient control panel.

• The possibility to work with PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, Photo and Video files
• Internet browser to search and download files
• WiFi server
• Easy navigation through the document
• The possibility to increase the font size in the text
• Automatic selection of links, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses
• Rapid processing of large files
• Sleep Mode Function

■ »» PDF Reader is ready to help in the toughest situations. When you do not have time to finish reading, need synchronization or when you want to take by stealth the necessary document from anyone’s computer.

»»» PDF Reader should not miss to advanced users and those who want their iDevice to face all types of files.

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