Pedometer GPS by Pink Zebra

Pedometer GPS is your professional pedometer able to trace the routes!

Are you fond of going in for sport in the morning and evening or would you like to arrange your trainings using the most advanced technologies of modern software? We support your aspiration for perfectionism and therefore offer you a unique technology able to increase the effectiveness of your trainings significantly.

We have been known the Pedometer applications able to calculate the jogging speed and distance for a long time. These are really wonderful applications, the benefits of which have been skillfully put into practice in the GPSPedometer! Using the GPSPedometer application during your jogs, you have a possibility of qualitative analysis of any actions! Only the GPSPedometer is able to calculate the exact distance and speed of your jogging. Using the new technology of route tracing you can trace the route made by you on the GPS maps of high resolution.
GPSPedometer - convenience and pleasure there, where there was room only for will!

The GPSPedometer application has a number of incontestable advantages:
✔ a pedometer measuring the speed of jogging and walking, the number of steps while jogging and calories wasted.
✔ when training you can listen to audio records from iPod.
✔ identification of routes and their display on the GPS maps.
✔ high image resolution and sensitivity to movements ensuring unmistakable identification of motions in space.
✔ colorful, multifunctional interface with high refinement.
✔ the application supports multitasking, you can therefore use the pedometer without fearing that any incoming call will bring down the results of GPSPedometer calculations.
The GPSPedometer application is number one in sport statistics!

Have a look at the application screenshots! The GPSPedometer is all that you see and a lot of what you can see and feel during a routine use of the application!

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