Scan Eye by Pink Zebra

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Install the latest identification technology in your iPhone!
A unique design is closer!
Most realistic technology imitating the iris scanning.
Control access to your device using EyeScannerPro!

»»» Surprise your friends!
Make them believe that your iPhone is equipped with a super technology.
If someone is trying to get the access to your device, he/she shall have to pass the eyes scanning. All looks very serious!

□□□ Using the device front camera approach your pupil near the eye window.
The program shall make the scanning. Show to your friend that the program accurately detects your identity and grants the access only for you! And when he/she tries to do the same the signalization shall be activated and the device shall remain blocked.
Guess the secret!
Refined algorithms of identity detection!
Only you can control the scan results.
An elegant trick shall make your friend envy and admire your Idevice abilities.

»»» The application supports high Retina display resolution.
The eye scanner is the trendiest thing for playing tricks on your friends.

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