Taser by Pink Zebra

■ »» Your friend is trying to flirt with your girlfriend in your presence?
■ »» Professor unfairly lowers marks for your classmate?
■ »» The housing department’s worker is rude with your grandmother?

►• Use your device as a virtual taser!

The application Taser shall help you to scare the offender creating an illusion of an electrical discharge!

>Now the device is in your hands and can become, though not a real but far not a useless weapon. The main task of the application is to ensure your confidence and virtual safety.

■ »» Don’t be afraid of walking in a dark alley! Think about what you have in your device - the taser! And not a simple one, but that multifunctional!

The collection of trendy modern designs shall help you to choose the most current look of your taser depending on the situation you are going to use it in.

■ »» The iPhone holders are the luckiest one. Their taser can vibrate that highly increases the game reality.

The Taser is perfect for playing jokes on your friends of different sex and age.
Whoever you are going to cheat, try to act confidently so that the person shall feel that you are really dangerous.

»» Press the button and stick the device into your friend. Watch the reaction! He won’t die from the electric discharge however there is a great chance you both will be nearly killed while laughing during the next five minutes!

*** Treat your child with a new toy! He’ll be happy to play with it in “criminal and the policeman” using the device as a virtual taser.

► Download just once and the Taser shall give you plenty of laugh and positive emotions!

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