Thermal Vision by Pink Zebra

► Thermal Vision application gives you the exceptional possibility to look at the world in the thermal view format.

□ »» Try this modern and exciting game.
□ »» Enjoy real-time thermal radiation effect.

> • The guard uses the ThermoView to check the territory,
> • The hunter uses the ThermoView to hunt the prey,
> • And you can use the thermal camera to create the most unusual, original and spectacular family photo albums.

□□□ The program transforms the obtained image.

On the screen appear the images containing the silhouettes of objects in the infrared range of colors (from dark blue to dark red).

◄Change the colors of the surrounding world!

► Take pictures, with your colleagues, children and animals, make photos with landscapes and buildings, cars and flowers. Make your photos look original and unique, by applying thermal visual effects.

● You can use one of the two cameras of your device, choosing the one which you think is best for taking pictures.
● The application contains simple and easy adjustment elements.
● Allows high sensitivity shooting and a qualitative shade differentiation.
● Provides ample opportunities for those who want to show their photos:
• possibility of placing on:
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Tumblr
• Sending via e-mail.

»» Impress your friends with the artistic beauty and quality of your thermal photos!
»» Make them believe that your device is equipped with super modern sensory technologies and is able to distinguish the thermal properties of the objects.

■ Thermal Vision is the best method of creating the illusion of thermal view.

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