Thermometer by Pink Zebra

■ >> Take opportunity of the most convenient and trustworthy i-Thermometer to find out weather conditions.

□ There is no need to get the iPhone out the window and wait until the thermometer will measure the temperature. You can do this, if it is easier to trust in it. Thermometer by Pink Zebra automatically detects and displays detailed information about weather in your city or town.

►* Application's mission is to provide complete and accurate information to protect you from the surprises of nature. You will know exactly what to "armed" with - umbrella, hat, gloves and sunglasses.

Information is displayed clearly and can be easily seen with the naked eye.

>> Select the thermometer model that best suits your temperament of the elegant and interesting set of models.

*** The application offers an important opportunity - you can change the BACKGROUND!

>> Collection of beautiful images, classified by seasons, will decorate the screen with beautiful and charming landscapes. You can easily distinguish the information you need, even on these wonderful backgrounds.

♦ Temperature is displayed in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.
♦ For the current time, additional data include - rainfall, humidity, and wind speed.
♦ Automatic detection of the locality.

□□□ You need few seconds to find out weather.

The application offers a comprehensive approach on the weather data. The user can imagine how he/she will feel in case of one or another temperature.

With comfort and good look, Thermometer by Pink Zebra provides a positive perception of climate events.

■ >> If you are looking for a simple, beautiful and useful application for accurate and rapid determination of weather, then hurry to buy right now Thermometer by Pink Zebra application.

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